In the final examination for this course, you will be asked questions that can come from any topic which has been studied this year. It is vital therefore that you are very familiar with the summaries you have made throughout this year, and that you have checked your summaries against class notes which you have prepared, including notes from research,  oral tasks, assignments which you have completed and that you re-read the printed assignments.

A good check is to review the weekly headings for each topic.

You should study closely the marking criteria for the previous assessment tasks and the outcomes.


The Format of the Examination will be similar to that of the HSC and may be in the format of:

  • 1 Source based question of at least 3 parts worth 25 marks
  • 1 multi-tasked question of 4 or 5 parts: 2, 2, 5, 6, 10 marks
  • 1  – 2essay questions worth 25 marks


Study Tips:

There are four stages in any effective revision programme:



Organise your notes:

–       get them into topic order

–       get rid of bits and pieces and odd scraps

–       divide topic notes into smaller units (using the syllabus dot points helps)

–       check your notes against the summaries you have made each month

–       add to summary as required but REMEMBER a long summary is hard to learn


1. Choose a unit of work to learn:

–       the work should take about one hour to learn

–       note the number of points to be learned

–       read for understanding

–       read again and say points to yourself

–       note the structure of the summary – relate this to meaning

–       close summary

–       differentiate major and minor points

Take a ten minute break and then review

Rewrite             Check                           Rewrite corrected errors only

  1. Within 24 hours – in a study, or before you begin your homework

–       spend 10 minutes looking at the work again

–       write out the notes in a very brief form

–       find and underline TRIGGER WORDS

3. Within the SAME 24 hours

–  jot down the trigger words without looking at your notes first

–  check and correct errors


  1. Repeat the previous step within the week

–       you should remember the information for at least one month

2. Now get hold of old examination papers

– do the relevant questions if you can

– if not, gill in the gaps with new work: learn new work as above


The night before the examination:

–       read through all your summary notes


–       close your summary and write out the trigger words

–       check the triggers for accuracy